Why I Am Going To Stop Blogging

I have decided, after a long and tortuous discussion with myself over a cup of tea, that I am causing more harm than good by having a blog to which I seem incapable of contributing. I promised myself, when I relaunched, that I would use it simply and lightly. It would be somewhere to make comments on this and that – how the writing was coming along; life on a desert island; maybe the occasional mild rant or harrumph about something. I say that because when I first began with the Blogosphere I became, well, blogged down. I was still writing A Table In Berlin, followed by Goodnight Mrs Day, and it is hard enough trying to get the words out without using up energy on a blog. No, I intended to write swiftly and without recourse to anything resembling a rewrite or polish. That’s why I put “first draft” in the subtitle/blurb at the top of this new version.

But even this is not working. Continue reading

I’m Still Here!

I’ve just finished my first novella.

I thought it would be easier than writing a novel but, guess what?

It was.

I know, usually a writer likes to tell everyone that nothing is easier than anything else. And while I’m not saying that the writing itself was any easier (it most certainly was not) when you stop at around thirty thousand words, instead of ninety thousand words, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that the pain doesn’t last so long.

So, by easier, I mean that I reached the end far sooner than with a full length novel and that was a psychological benefit. The gap between conception and the market place is also much shorter. This is important for those for whom writing is a job.

So, soon enough we will have Goodnight, Mrs Day available. I’ll let you know. I’m told something around the second week in November.

In the meantime, of course, I have to get on with another book.

Next time, I’ll share a few thoughts on how the process of the novella differed from the novel, and a few issues I had to deal with in relation to Mrs Day as a companion piece to A Table In Berlin.

Right now I just wanted to let you know I was still here!

How Not To Do Self-Confidence: or, Let ME Decide If You’re Amazing.

As writers today, we live in a world of self-promotion, where the lines between self-confidence and self-delusion seem to me to have blurred a bit too much for my liking. In the new cut-throat world of the independent artist we are expected to sell ourselves and do it with swagger. Our potential paymasters and collaborators like a bit of swagger.  Continue reading