Daisy White’s Booktique at Rachael’s Kitchen, Horsham

Another perspective on the recent opening of Daisy White’s Booktique in Rachael’s Kitchen.

Twenties Girl

Local authors, delicious cupcakes and a cosy interior: Horsham’s latest pop-up has it all

This weekend saw the opening of Daisy White’s Booktique, a pop-up bookshop selling work by independent and small-scale authors and publishers, on the top floor of Rachael’s Kitchen in Horsham. I went to have a look around: having never been upstairs in Rachael’s before, I was very pleased to find a warm, pretty space in which I could easily have whiled away an afternoon. Well-worn wood flooring, mismatched white wooden chairs, artwork on the walls, plus a big squishy sofa by the windows make it look like a someone’s living room (with more tables). The Booktique neatly fits into the cosy room – a simple, slimline black bookshelf sits either side of the rustic fireplace. One is for adults, the other is stocked with kids’ books. ‘Diary of a Bride to Be’ by Charlie Plunkett sits…

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