Marketing your Self-published Book…

Some thoughts from Daisy White of Daisy White’s Booktique


Think outside the Book! Think outside the Book!

Just a few thoughts from my own experience of self pub and things I have learnt from the authors involved in Daisy White’s Booktique…

So many authors seem to be getting ripped off, and the amount of options available to promote and sell your book make choosing the right path for your personal promotion tricky. The initial stages of marketing your book depend on how you are published, and in my experience of running Daisy White’s Booktique few independent publishers or self pubs have money to burn.

Social media is a must, if only to announce your online presence and tick the box. If this isn’t your thing then just select a few sites and keep them up to date. Facebook is excellent for exchanging views/advice/media promotion but less helpful for selling books. Twitter is another on my list, closely followed by LinkedIn. Only post when…

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