What, another blog, Mark?

I had a blog once, and it didn’t work out.

I had a few goes, but couldn’t focus on what I wanted from it. I was in the middle of writing a novel (A Table In Berlin, available now on Kindle and on March 1 in paperback), and once I’d managed my daily shift ¬†of words, the last thing I wanted to do was put in another one. Also, I am a private person, and I had no unseemly rush to make my name Google-friendly. I still miss typewriters. I sometimes write words like unseemly. I like paper.

So, after a few posts about unrelated subjects that no one seemed interested in, I gave up. But now that my first full-length novel is published I have decided to start afresh.

I haven’t used up time with adding photos and images and anything visual at all as I don’t want the added pressure of making each post some kind of miniature Sunday supplement. I have decided, instead, to stick with words as much as possible, and to use this as a relaxed Diary where I will attempt to share with you some of the joys of a writer’s life.

I have lived some life, seen some things, done some stuff, been good and bad and even indifferent. I have a wife and two little girls and I live in a bright, sunshine-blessed little island in the middle of the Atlantic. Not all the time for ever of course, sometimes I have to be somewhere else.

Feel free to join in.